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We leverage our artificial intelligence technologies and scale to lower the barriers to entry for you. With reAlpha, the real estate investing process is simpler and easier. Check out our app to see our most up to date property selection. Watch your investment property turn into an investment portfolio. Download our app to learn more.
What people are saying

Issac Linson

CEO-Tapuya Brands

ReAlpha is a great way to diversify my real estate investments. They have been a tremendous help to me!

Anoop Bedapudi

Multinational Executive

ReAlpha took the complexity out of real estate investing and even made it fun!

Aaron D’Souza

Private Equity Professional

ReAlpha made real estate investing simple and easy. I highly recommend it to anyone looking at real estate investing.

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Our AI generates properties that are the best investment opportunities on the market. The technology implemented is designed for you first. We break down the high barriers-to-entry so that the worldwide market can be at your fingertips. We take back the edge, and then give it to you. Sourcing properties from the wholesale market, our proprietary algorithm, the reAlphaBRAIN scores each property based on dozens of factors. It predicts the viability of each property for the short-term rental market as well as the projected long-term value. We select and approve the properties with the highest scores, then list them on reAlpha’s digital marketplace app.